Marijuana Should Be Legal in the United States

Ever since I was a little kid the people around me have always talked about how marijuana is bad and to stay away from users. Today when you turn on the news that message is cloudy, to say the least.

There are countless movies with references to smoking marijuana, numerous celebrities that openly smoke the drug and states pushing to make it legal. Studies have shown that over 83 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once and that at least 12 million regularly smoke the drug. With all these statistics is our country missing the boat on a great opportunity to make marijuana legal?

One of the biggest arguments is the fact that marijuana has been proven to be less harmful than other tobacco products and alcohol as well. It is also worth noting that studies have yet to prove any addictive measure in marijuana while nicotine in cigarettes is extremely addicting.

I just find it hard to swallow that marijuana is illegal because of the dangers even though studies have proven it’s less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes? Perhaps the fact that weed can be easily grown and used in people’s homes is the reasoning as the government is afraid they may not be able to regulate weed.

If our government could regulate marijuana then they potentially could bring in as much as $15 billion a year in profit from the drug according to some sources. It is estimated that our country spends over $7 billion a year on controlling the drug anyways. Imagine all the time and money this would save our country to spend on other issues. All the money our country is spending to support people in jail for weed would go somewhere else.

All the money and time spent tracking, arresting and prosecuting people for weed could go to better use. Of course, there would be limits set on the drug starting with an age limit and other regulations.

legalize weed

It is possible that the legalization of marijuana could help our society. How many people go to buy marijuana from underground drug dealers right now and get exposed to other drugs in the process? In our society, many good people get a negative image because they like to smoke weed.

The only difference between these people and smokers and drinkers is that they are breaking outdated laws. If you remember at one point alcohol was illegal as well and people came to their senses and realized it was a pointless law. I’m sure the millions of Americans that are currently smoking weed or at some point used to smoke the drug think it’s silly.

I just look at the numbers and fail to see a single reason why marijuana shouldn’t be made legal. Judging from the studies it doesn’t look like our country is doing that great of a job keeping people from smoking it anyways. If that is indeed the case then why not make it legal and regulate it? Also, drug testing should be stopped immediately in the states.

If people are gonna smoke it then at least make it safe and profitable for our country. I would love to hear some feedback on making weed legal so feel free to comment or ask questions below. Just for the record, I’m pushing to make it legal but I do not smoke weed.